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to answer this question:

Now that an extra wildcard team has been added, what happens if at the end of the season 4 teams are tied with the same record for the WC? What if it's 3 teams? How do they decide who plays who? Team A may have better head to head with Team B but not Team C..


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    • Did Bradish go down officially in January? Or did they agree to some kind of PRP/therapy protocol to see if he could pitch this season?
    • I want to be on record as saying I think the defensive importance of 2B seems pretty underrated around here.  As I just mentioned, 2B actually handles more chances than SS.   And while many of those chances involve easier throws, there are plenty of tough plays where the 2B is throwing while his momentum is heading away from 1B, or across his body when charging a chopper.
    • I don’t see how any of the “logic” here matters. We got Burnes in a great deal, that should be enough. 
    • Yeah, I could also see something like 4 or 5 years for the pitchers but with the opt outs not starting until after year 2 or 3. Basically split the difference, more guaranteed money than the Bellinger/Correa structure and not the ability to re-enter FA right away, but still shorter than the 6+ years they wanted initially. All of those should work for the Orioles too, but it would have to be something where the sale is considered certain enough for both ownerships to green light it, and that’s only if they are budgeting a big enough payroll increase AND Elias thinks it’s a worthwhile deal. Plus on those types of deals they will have plenty of other teams interested. But the Wall + Snell/Montgomery being LHP + good team should make the Orioles as appealing as any other for a contract where they want to go back to FA, if they’re willing to put up comparable $.  Ultimately after this Bellinger deal it seems even more likely that Snell or Montgomery are going to end up signing for something that we wish the Orioles had done. Will hurt more if it’s Snell to NYY and/or Montgomery to BOS.
    • If it was a response to pitching injuries, I don’t think a major league pitcher would have been part of the package.
    • This is correct. He doesn’t HAVE to be Ozzie Smith out there if they decide to move him to SS but he will be an underwhelming defender there. That is and has been my point. Will he improve? Yes of course. He’s 20 years old. But he will not be the best defensive option on the team at the most important infield position and for a team like the O’s who have prioritized defense (especially up the middle) I just don’t see them taking the hit there defensively when there are better options. Could I be wrong? Sure. They don’t pay me for my opinions but we will see. He looks better to me as a 2B and again, I don’t rule out a move to the OF. 
    • He made some comment about “keeping him warm” at SS. Interesting fact: in 2023, the average team had more chances at 2B (674) than SS (617).   3B was distantly behind at 422.   
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