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    • Yeah I know, I was referring to this blurb in MLBTR: I was just saying that once there was a lawsuit at all, I'm sure MLB was looking to get him out of the game.
    • Listen … I realize the game was never in jeopardy. But, you got exactly from this guy what his recent performance.    I’m shocked Elias and Hyde would waste time on these types of guys. Not much different that the guy… Ramirez I think that they picked up and then released earlier this season. We didn’t give up anything substantial and the must love him.    
    • Well, I already addressed that in my just-now comment, but when you know a guy is terrible, AND you know he’s not going more then an inning ANYWAY, you have another guy ready immediately.   There was nothing to learn, btw. He’s bad. Maybe he’s fine for the Rockies or White Sox, but not for a team looking at 100+ wins.  
    • You know he lost the discrimination case years ago, right?   There was no settlement.  The lawsuit was dismissed by the court for lack of merit.  
    • Chances are one of the reasons they can even think about the wildcard is because of their bullpen.  I doubt they weaken that looking for offense.  The first obvious move is to call up uber prospect James Wood who’s tearing up AAA.   If they truly are thinking wildcard they won’t subtract to add.  They’ll just add.
    • With respect, I totally disagree. Experience isn’t just what you’ve done, its what you haven’t done when given an opportunity. Looking at his body of work, it is littered with failed opportunity. there was literally nothing to suggest Viera would suddenly be other then he has been, and he wasn’t. As I said, it would have been fine to DFA him, stick him in the minors after he cleared waivers, and experiment a bit. And if he gets claimed, who cares, because he’s not the main part of the trade. And it wasn’t just adding Viera and his career -.3 WaR, but subtracting  Vespi, who in very limited MLB experience (35 innings) has a .3 WAR. Viera has 51 MLB innings(22 this season) with a career 1.7 WHIP, and 1.9 WHIP this season. There’s no reason to expect anything other than he did. So, you da man, Frobby, but we’re voting different parties on this one. Adding Viera quite literally made the bullpen worse, and probably was a huge slap in Vespi’s face to boot.
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