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Matusz Tonight


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I think he's also gonna move the infield back and have the outfielders sit on their shoulders in front of the wall

Or, we could just have all of the infielders join Nick, Nolan, and Adam, and have 8 guys all spread out in front of the wall. That way, even if Pujols smokes a bullet, it will not likely get in between the defense.

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It's your move, Brian.

ANGELS (4/20)

Erick Aybar - SS

Howie Kendrick - 2B

Albert Pujols - 1B

Torii Hunter - RF

Mark Trumbo - LF

Vernon Wells - CF

Kendrys Morales - DH

Chris Iannetta - C

Alberto Callaspo - 3B

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I wonder what excuses people will make for him after tonight's game?

What is the point of a post like this? All it does is tick people off and give the impression that you are rooting for an Oriole player to fail so you can prove how smart you are. If he pitches poorly, and you think posters are making excuses for him afterwards, you should say so, but this post is just the kind I hate.

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B-Mat needs sent down to the farm to learn how to pitch DOWN in the zone...elevating just way too many fastballs up in the zone...if he threw 96 he could get away with it a bit, but not at 91 or 92...I agree with Gary Thorne, he just appears to simply TRY TO HARD on every pitch...no confidence.

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I am watching matusz and trying to figure out what is different. Is he taking his arm back differently now? Seems more rushed maybe. Here is video from 2010. I feel so bad for the guy he worked so hard over the winter.


I believe it is all mental now with Matusz. I don't think he is using his change enough. Its his best pitch.

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He looks better tonight in some ways and then looks like the 2011 version. The pen has not helped him in any of his games so far. It seems everyone inherited by the pen scores after he is pulled. The bottom line is his ERA is still sky high and you are not going to win with him having an ERA of 9 runs a game. I think they need to send him down to Norfolk and need to make a change in the rotation. Dylan Bundy? What do you think Jim? I actually believe he could start and have an ERA under 4.......and possibly under 3. I'm not kidding about this. Get him up to Frederick for a few games and then Bowie by June and we'll take another hard look. Hitting the corners at 98 mph and working on a changeup according to Rick Peterson. Get ready!

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Matusz must make his next start at Norfolk. Sorry, but the O's are putting up some fight this year, and Matusz is not a major-league capable pitcher at this point. Enter Wada.

You're kidding right? Wada got destroyed in AAA the other night, and they are pushing him back a while because of something in his neck.

Matusz would have much better stats if he had any confidence in his defense. That's why he's trying to strike everyone out and why his pitch counts are getting up there.

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