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So what's it gonna take to get folks back to the Yard?


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My kids keep asking me what the crowd will be like when we go to see the Jays next week. My auto-response is "probably won't be too crowded"... but every time we have this conversation, it leads me to wonder what it's going to take to get the real crowds back. Of course we have the stadium invasion nights... and opening day.

But my sense is that our fan base - what's left of it - is gun-shy when it comes to committing time and money to supporting this team.

So, what do you all think it's going to take to get the fans back in the stadium in a substantial way --- meaning a 75% full stadium... routinely?

If this club is a bit above .500 for a month... would fans start coming?

Two months?

All Star Break?

One season above .500?


I have to feelings on this. One is (and this is based on a lot of former O's fans turned Nats fans) that people don't want to give Angelos money under any circumstance. I think winning would trump that... but there is a very strong anti-angelos sentiment in the air. The other is... if this team can win for at least a month... maybe a tad more... if they can be in contention mid-may... then people will start to show. Camden will have some life....


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Hate to say it but I think just a winning season wouldn't be enough. It'd have to be a legitimate playoff push.

Agreed. I guess if we were within 2-3 games of 1st place when school got out you'd see attendance begin to pick up. But the fans have been burned before so nothing in April or May is likely to have an effect.

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The equation is simple: more wins = more fans.

Solving that equation has been our problem. :(

And yes, I do think that if we are able to stay a few games above .500, I think that the fans will start to come out more as early as the end of April/beginning of May.

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First of all, hardly anything can make it happen this year. The season ticket base, which is the baseline attendance if there's no single game sales or walkups, is too low. Any shcool night with poor weather is sitll going to be lucky to have a listed attendance of more than 12,000 and real attendance of more than 6000 or 7000.

Now if we stay in the race into June, the weather is nice, things could catch on like they did in, say 1979, when a youth oriented radio station took over the broadcasts and really pumped promoting the team 24/7, and the team rebounded from a "poor" (only 90 win) 1978 year and won 100+ games. And that started a multi year span of rising attendance as each successful year ensured more season tickets.

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In 2005 when the Orioles led for 62 games of the year, the stadium was pretty empty. If being in first place, playing well won't bring back fans.. the playoffs will. If its the end of the season and we are pushing for the playoffs, the yard will be full.

That's not at all true.


They were getting 35,000 a game for a weekend series against Detroit in late May, then coming off that long road trip through the first half of June they essentially sold out those Rockies games. They also got almost to 48,000 as late as August 1.

Winning is what will bring people back. It might take a bit longer due to past fake-outs (like 2005), but if the team is above .500 in July and August you'll start seeing bigger crowds, and in September maybe some sell-outs.

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