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Dan Duquette Sighting at Gilman-Loyola Game

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Happened to notice Mr. Duquette and Dean Albany at the game this past Tuesday. I'm sure they were there to take a look at Ryan Ripken as well as Gilman ace, Brandon Casas, who is committed to Maryland.

Just an educated guess, but I bet both are taken by the O's in the draft this year.

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Where is Ryan Ripken projected to go draftwise?

Stotle says

Ripken is currently best suited for college ball, where he'll have an opportunity to continue to refine his game while he finishes growing into his frame. Coach Tanner and the USC staff work well with young hitters, and it is easy to picture a scenario where two years under their tutelage (Ripken will be draft eligible again as a sophomore, due to his age) could result in his reemergence as an early-round prospect in 2014. Ripken has the make-up, bloodlines, and smarts to succeed as a pro -- he just needs his body to catch-up with the rest of him. Area scouts will check-in on him throughout the summer to gauge his physical progress, his bat speed and the development of his power. Barring a jump in physicality over the next three months, the new collective bargaining agreement (which limits teams' ability to give mid-six figure bonuses outside of the first few rounds) will likely make Ripken's decision as to whether to enroll at USC an easy one.
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What is Ryan doing so far this year? Is his frame beginning to fill out yet or is he still all arms and legs?

He hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire. By that, I mean he doesn't really stand out from any other good player in the MIAA. In short, I would say he is still all and legs. He still runs and fields the ball awkwardly. To be completely honest, he doesn't look like what you would expect from a recruit to a big name program like South Carolina. I can't see him getting much playing time as a freshman down there.

I will say that he has some serious power potential down the road if he puts on some good weight and grows into his body. I'm sure the Ripken name means a lot to the coaches at South Carolina. But, I'm sure they also see someone that has a chance to be pretty good with his work ethic, projectable frame, and the right coaching staff to guide him as his career progresses.

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