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Guthrie to DL after falling while on bike


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Guthrie fell and hurt his shoulder biking to the stadium on Friday night.

The Rockies were scheduled to give the ball to Guthrie, but he's instead headed for the 15-day disabled list after injuring his right shoulder in a fall from his bicycle on the way to the stadium Friday.

He underwent an MRI and there was no sign of structural damage but he is dealing with pain in his AC joint.

''At this point, it's pretty much pain. That's what I have. There's no (other) issue,'' he said. ''I have some pain but when that goes away, I can throw, and everything is a go.''


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Hope he gets healthy soon. I wish him nothing the best, but if he has a mediocre season in Colorado, I wonder if he has a Uehara moment and we can get him back on a cheap contract.

Great guy but unless he can somehow become consistent, I don't think we want him back.

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