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Mike Cuellar Born May 8th, 1937


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Just got this is in before midnight.

The late Mike Cuellar was born on this day in 1937.

You were a great, underrated pitcher, Mike.

Three years later.

You used to drive my cousins (Yankee fans) crazy whenever you would pitch against the New Yorkers.

Cuellar was born on this day, 78 years ago.

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    • Well of course it did cost Seattle their 1,3, 5 prospects to now be in a position to sign him to this pre free agent deal 
    • I'm keeping an open mind watching Orioles Player Development unfold, but my decision using possibly antiquated thinking is that Gunnar Henderson is NOT a MLB shortstop because the org didn't deploy him there primarily as a minor leaguer. Just write him into 3B and a plum lineup spot as long as you can.    It saves a Jackson Holliday headache in two years to boot.     Urias-Stowers is a nice half of a bench if we block them by getting say somebody like Michael Brantley to take professional at-bats as a primary DH.
    • Again .. a bit of a false equivalency.  The difference is .050 OPS between our proposals.  Now if Elias was going to sign a big bat free agent third baseman I would agree .  I doubt he is.  But i would risk the .050 on the combo of Henderson at 3rd and Mateo at short over Urias (arb eligible in 2024) at 3rd and Gunnar at short.  To take the admitted risk that Mateo hits a bit better.. if not, Gunnar can take over at that point at ss.    But it is a good problem to have and I can see it going your way too. 
    • No, but I think the team will bet the same way I am.  Henderson has the talent to be an above average SS.   We have a lot of infielders in the system who can hit.  There’s no reason to have a defensive only SS.  
    • Back of napkin I guess this is around $24 AAV for  FA years if its judged 1/12 for Arb3 and 4/96 for FA seasons 1.1 years out. Castillo-Ray-Gausman-Berrios-Musgrove are for me kind of a flat basket as Mountcastle-Mancini-Mullins-Hays-Santander were for me as the supporting cast of the early Adley teams. The industry seems to have some consensus what this kind of house is worth.
    • I don't get why every hitter has to see Bautista's splitter.  Pretty much all the hits off Bautista were on his splitter, Tucker  had to figure it was coming, I'm sitting there knowing it is coming.  Not sure there are bad 100 mph fastballs, but I know there are bad splitters.
    • Your comparison seems to assume that Henderson can be as good a glove at SS as Rutschman is behind the plate. I think that has not been proven yet.
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