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BoA Mock Draft v1.0, Callis has the O's picking Kyle Zimmer

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4. ORIOLES: Baltimore is looking at the same hitters as the teams at the top of the draft, but unless Buxton or Zunino falls, it likely will opt for one of the three college arms. The Orioles are the first club mentioned with Arizona State shortstop Deven Marrero, but that seems like a reach given Marrero's offensive struggles this spring.

Projected Pick: KYLE ZIMMER.

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I too would be disappointed but I'll wrap by arms about just about any pick. I saw video of Zimmer throwing 95-96 consistently with a hammer curve. Still, I'm not crazy about him and would prefer Correa. I think it's pure guesswork at this point anyway.

Every single one of them has pros and cons.

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Would prefer Correa but Zimmer is my favorite college arm. In fact, he's my 2nd favorite player in the draft behind Correa.

Stroman is actually my favorite of the college arms. I'd even go as far as saying I'd take Richie Shaffer from Clemson over a couple of them. My pref list is a little different from most. Giolito, Correa, Stroman, Appel, Shaffer, Zunino.

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I still think it will be Appel and Buxton either #1 or # 2 with Zunino #3 leaving us Gausman, Correa and Zimmer to choose from. Minnesota could surprise and pick Correa #2. Houston is supposed to be leaning towards a pitcher and as we've read on several sites Zunino to Seattle is supposed to happen. If this is true Buxton could be available. Do we take him over Zimmer or Correa. I would take Buxton if he falls to us.

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i have read constantly that the top of the draft is not as great as years past, but how about the later rounds such as Round 2 through 10? Hoping to see a good draft strategy this year with the new FO people, and hope we don't pass on best player available at each each spot just to get someone who is cheaper to sign like we have in years past. I hope now with the new draft system, it will take away that excuse from whomever makes the decision to draft certain players.

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Giolito is going to want top 5 money and with the CBA changes is a candidate to go to college, get healthy and be a top 5 pick in 3 years.

Yes he is, but he's a candidate to go top 5 this year too, and if someone takes him high enough he'll play. This first year in the new system you might see guys go to school because they just don't want to accept that the slots are the slots and teams aren't going to forfeit picks next year to sign someone this year, but that's going to happen up and down the first couple rounds.

His dad has been throwing the UCLA card around an awful lot lately, but I think it's a negotiation ploy because it's not like he's not being mentioned in the top 10, I think if it's top 5 there is a better chance they sign, if it's 5-10 maybe not and lower than that 0 chance.

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I have a hard time believing Giolito signs for anything shy of $5MM. I think Houston, Minnesota and St. Louis are the three most likely destinations, if any, unless there are teams willing to lose their 1st Rd pick in 2013.

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for what it's worth, here are Duquette's first-round picks with Montreal and Boston:


1991 (14): Cliff Floyd, HS 1B/OF

1992 (3): BJ Wallace, 4yr SP

1993 (18): Chris Schwab, HS OF

1993 (31): Josue Estrada, HS OF

1994 (21): Hiram Bocachica, HS SS

1994 (31): Mike Thurman, 4yr SP


1995 (14): Andrew Yount, HS SP

1995 (24): Corey Jenkins, HS OF

1996 (26): Josh Garrett, HS SP

1996 (34): Chris Reitsma, HS SP

1997 (17): John Curtice, HS SP

1997 (35): Mark Fischer, 4yr OF

1998 (12): Adam Everett, 4yr SS

1999 (17): Rick Asadoorian, HS OF

1999 (40): Brad Baker, HS SP

1999 (48): Casey Fossum, 4yr SP

2000 (22): Phil Dumatrait, 2yr SP

I don't think you can draw any conclusions at all from this, of course, but if you were going to draw one, it doesn't seem like college SP would be the one to draw. The only time Duquette's teams have picked in the top ten, they did go with a college SP, but that was twenty years ago.

Really, I don't think there's anything in Duquette's history or publicly stated philosophy that indicates the Orioles will draft one way or another. I'd hope they take the best player on their board and not think about the other guys in the system when doing so.

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