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Why Wrigley Field Must Be Destroyed


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A great article in the Wall Street Journal that puts the O's 14 seasons of misery in perspective.

"Destroy it. Annihilate it. Collapse it with the sort of charges that put the Sands Hotel out of its misery in Vegas. Implosion or explosion, get rid of it. That pile of quaintness has to go. Not merely the structure, but the ground on which it stands."


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I always thought the Cubs' misery was way overblown. They've only had one 10-year stretch of losing records in their history, and they've made the playoffs six times since the O's last Championship in '83. Just since 2000 they've had six seasons with 82+ wins, and four playoff teams since the last O's playoff team. The franchise has a winning record overall. They hold the record for longest continuous membership in MLB.

I feel no pity for a team who's biggest beef is "we get to the playoffs at least an average amount, but fate has made us lose at least one playoff series each time we make it." I feel bad for the Pirates, or the Expos. Nothing for the Cubs. They have a team and they have hope. Lots of other fans have neither.

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Not to mention a teflon and nationwide fan base, a gigantic market, a TV contract with WGN (which broadcasts them nationally), and in the top 5 in merchandise sales year in and out.

Sorry, if you can't win with those advantages, you don't deserve my pity.

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White Sox fans didn't feel sorry for themselves half as much as Cubs fans and Red Sox fans have/had from the early part of the century until the present. Kudos to them ...... and that was a glorious time and scene when they won it all in 2005. :cool:

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