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Baseball reference is now updating stats for both Japan and most of the American indy leagues on a daily basis. Very good stuff.

I love the contrast between the Japanese Central League and the Pecos League. The CL is averaging 2.79 runs/game. The Pecos League (admittedly through only about 8 or 10 games/team) is averaging 9.81.

For comparison, since the NL started in 1876 nothing designated a Major League has ever averaged 7.5 runs/game (the 1894 NL averaged 7.38). And no Major League, even in the depths of the deadball era or the 1960s, ever averaged fewer than 3.38 runs/game. So the Pecos League has FAR more offense than any Major League ever has, and the Japanese Central League is scoring 3/4ths of run a game less than the majors did the year Bob Gibson had a 1.12 ERA and Yaz won the batting title with a .301 average.

There's a guy playing for Las Cruces in the Pecos League who's hitting .625 with a 1.976 OPS through 7 games. And former Oriole Dennis Sarfate is 0-4 with a 1.31 pitching for the Hiroshima Carp.

I love stuff like this!

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Resurrecting an ancient thread...

Two years ago I discovered the Pecos League. Somewhat surprisingly they're still in business, and they've upped the ante on craziness. Some examples:

- The league as a whole has a 6.11 ERA. But at almost two errors/team/game 25% of runs are unearned, so they're at almost eight runs a game.

- The league batting average is .313

- The league OBP is .403. League. An average player in the league has a .403 OBP.

- The Santa Fe Fuego averages 9.52 runs/game.

- Eric Kozel of the Fuego has a 1.167 OPS, mainly on the strength of being hit by 40 pitches in 41 games. He's also scored 67 runs in 41 games.

- The Las Vegas Train Robbers have stolen 127 bases and been caught 11 times in 45 games. (Edit: this appears to not be true, although it looks that way from the league totals. I think somehow they doubled their totals.)

- Someone named Shane Flynn has pitched 31 innings, allowed 85 baserunners (not counting errors), and 43 runs. There are five pitchers in the league who've thrown 10+ innings while walking at least a batter an inning.

- Edison Alvarez of Douglas has a 1.50 ERA, but a 5.40 RA. 5 ER, 18 R allowed.

- Johnny Bladel of Trinidad leads the league with a .497 BA. He has a 1.453 OPS.

- 24 players have 100+ PAs and a 1.000+ OPS.

- Tim Blackmon of Las Vegas averages 10.4 K/9, but also 16.7 (BB+HBP) per 9.

Fun stuff.


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