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vs. D-RAYS 6/03


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Robert Andino - 2B

Endy Chavez - LF

J.J. Hardy - SS

Adam Jones - CF

Matt Wieters - C

Mark Reynolds - 1B

Ronny Paulino - DH

Steve Pearce - RF

Steve Tolleson - 3B

Jake Arrieta - RHP (2-6, 5.37 ERA)


Carlos Pena - 1B

B.J. Upton - CF

Matt Joyce - RF

Ben Zobrist - 2B

Luke Scott - DH

Hideki Matsui - LF

Will Rhymes - 3B

Elliot Johnson - SS

Jose Molina - C

Matt Moore - LHP (1-5, 4.76 ERA)



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At the game, they're having a softball home run derby. Some of the Os, including Markakis in shorts and long socks, are watching intently.

Next we'll have the infield grounder bungling competition, featuring Reynolds and Betemit.

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Palmer just said some guy called Mike Moore is pitching for the Rays. Good start guys. Guess someone gave him some good Kahlua this morning.
Wow this interview with Gonzalez is RIVETING.

I guess Gareth's role in the game-thread is established early.

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    • Cowser should be up in the next week or so.    Westburg should be up in August after Frazier is traded. Kjerstad will be protected.  Pinto has  a chance. Haskin probably gets moved.   Left fielder with a weak arm that does not fit. I don't think Elias think highly of Handley.  Probably not protected. McCann will be tough to trade.  4M for a backup catcher is high.    
    • Absolutely.  Certainly that would seem to be the logical move but recent history doesn't promote it. I wouldn't have a problem with the Hicks signing at all IF I truly thought they would just jettison him once Cowser is ready.  But I don't believe that will be the case.  I expect him to be on the roster for the rest of the year.   It's what this team does.
    • Time has proven with both Kjerstad and Cowser that the Orioles did not take some "lesser talent" just to save money unless you think they are the luckiest organization of all time.    I expect them to take the top guy on their board at #17.  My best guess is Brayden Taylor at this point but Nimmala would be interesting if he was still there.  
    • .475, .483, .660, .500, .500 Those are the winning percentages of the last five Giants teams.     The 2021 Giants did have the boost of Buster Posey's swansong - 304/390/499 after he was recharged as one of baseball's biggest stars who opted out of 2020 entirely.     Our catcher tonight comes in with a 289/411/443 line.      Their catcher tonight, Patrick Bailey, is just a couple weeks into his career and taking the league by storm so far. K-BB Active Roster standing (40 IP minimum) (68) Kremer v. (14) Webb (70) Bradish v. (53) Cobb (18) Wells v. (52) DeSclafani This morning there are exactly 100 Arms FG sees at that threshold.     All the Giants guys have low ERA's - Webb in particular is coming off a Pitcher of the Month type May.   From his BP feature this morning on the big month: Player G GS IP K BB% Whiff% CSW% ERA WHIP FIP Logan Webb 5 5 34.2 33 6.7 20.3 30.4 1.30 0.98 2.62 Webb leads all MLB with a 3.02 DRA. He has been that good. His sinker may not miss many bats (6.1%), but it generates huge depth and tons of ground balls (62.7%). However, Webb thrives behind his plus-plus changeup. It has elite depth, with more running action than ever this year, resulting in a staggering 69.1% ground ball rate. Webb has impeccable command of the pitch, evidenced by a tight pitch chart and a 76.6% strike rate. His slider also possesses above-average depth and sweep, but his command of the pitch is more spotty and he primarily lives outside the zone with the pitch (32.1%).    
    • No idea.  Would have depended on what the overall situation was like.   
    • Hard to say. Catching defense is harder to quantify than Infielder or Outfielder defense. Pitch calling and managing the staff seems to be nearly impossible to quantify. 
    • Why is his rating affected by wild pitches-shouldn't that be on the pitcher?  I really haven't noticed anything, SB's are to be expected.  It's much easier for me to judge a IF/OF than a C, it's much more nuanced-things like framing
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