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RHP's Bundy and Gausman, LHP's Britton and Matusz


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Gausman greases the threads a bit too much, and his slider is simply an over gripping curve ball in the 87-89 mph range. It might be a hybrid sluve. I do not think it is very effective and is simply a pitch that lacks depth and has some meatball tenancy.

Somehow, I feel like this describes many of us and our time here on OH.

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Bundy beats him. Gausman has work to do on his secondaries, I wouldn't expect him till early 2014. Maybe if he signs right away....but they never do.

FWIW, Dan Sanchez, aka, RVABird tweeted the following when I asked him about an ETA for Gausman:

@0TheRick0 FB/CH could play out of pen tomorrow, but needs to develop the breaking ball. Best case early 2014.


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