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An thoughts on Joe Jordan's draft for the Phillies?

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Just curious if anyone has an opinion on how our old friend did with Philadelphia?

Jordon is the Director of Player Development. Marti Wolever runs the draft show (title is "Assistant GM, Amateur Scouting").

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He's the Farm director with the Phillies. He's not in the scouting department any longer.
Jordon is the Director of Player Development. Marti Wolever runs the draft show (title is "Assistant GM, Amateur Scouting").

Thanks. For some reason I thought his responsibilities included supervising both the scouting department and the player development department, and that he would be heavily involved in the draft despite having some player development responsibilities.

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    • Growing up in Rochester I didn't get the Sun but followed the O's, my favorite team, having seen many of the team coming through the Rochester Red Wings.  Of course, back then, there was that annual O's visit that you could not miss.   I forgot the West Coast games.  They rarely made it to the paper at all. I was annoyed with only the first few innings being in there but never remember it being some big tragic situation as I could imagine a few minutes would be these days, but I digress. Baseball probably helped me more with math than many classes. My skills from spending hours with stats still serve me well decades later. Thanks for sharing!
    • I don't think that's official. I believe Hyde said he "hopes" Mountcastle will be able to return when he's eligible (which is Wednesday).
    • I’m sure this has been discussed elsewhere but is Kjerstad considered a DH only at the MLB level? That’s a significant degradation of his value if so
    • No, just that it was a great time to be an O’s fan.  But ‘71 and ‘79 left a bad taste in my mouth, to be honest about it.
    • Let me first apologize to those not old enough to have experienced the following experiences from the 70's, since these might only apply to those of us who are 50+......did anyone else on here enjoy these?? 1. The Oriole bird comic drawings on the front page of the Sunpaper the morning after every game, capturing the result of the game and either showing the cartoon Bird beating up the other team, or getting somehow destroyed by them depending on the outcome of the previous day's game. 2. The line scores on the front page of sports section the morning after a west coast game, where the first 4 or 5 innings were in Sunpaper print font, and the last few innings and game totals were literally written in before the paper was printed. 3. The weekly Sporting News Magazine filled with box scores from the entire week.  I'm an accountant. in real life.....and back then, I lived for that stuff. 4. The Baseball crossword puzzles in the Baseball Digest...... Anyone remember those days??  Any others people would like to add??? 
    • This year there are 181 pitchers with 50+ IP and at least 8.8 K/9. The league average is 8.7. Their median ERA+ is 118, well above average. There have been 153 with 50+ innings and 8.6 K/9 or fewer. Their median is 98, or slightly below average. The reason the total of these groups has a median of something like 108 is that the bad pitchers don't meet the 50 innings threshold.
    • I'm going off memory from I guess now 20 years ago, but I think in Moneyball when Michael Lewis was doing the Voros McCracken synopsis, the illuminating anecdotes were look at how Pedro Martinez and Mike Mussina types oscillate between high and low BABIP seasons. Pedro 1999-2001 had a BABIP run of .323, .236, .307, suggesting even demigods like 2000 Pedro were still in the hands of the baseball gods. With most of this year in the books, here are 2023's Top/Bottom 5 among qualified Arms, as preview of whose ERA's are probably going up/down next year. Fortunate: Corbin Burnes, Blake Snell, Jordan Lyles*, Luis Castillo, Freddy Peralta Unfortunate: Dylan Cease, Brady Singer, Kevin Gausman, Charlie Morton, Jesus Luzardo *OMG, lol, lol, lol Set 2023 Jordan Lyles as a proof of concept bookend next to 2000 Pedro.  
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