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Round 23 - Gene Escat: RHP, Fresno St U (CA)

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Not to get too far in front of ourselves, but they wasted no time in moving this guy up. Appeared in 7 games for Aberdeen, and now two at Delmarva. Career college reliever who was redshirted, so he's 22, but he's doing OK so far. Maybe we found something in a late round.

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    • I think it is a positive (I think), that the team greatly exceeded expectations but not a single position player exceeded personal expectations with many (Mullins, Hays, Mountcastle) well below. What does it looks like if the all hit .270 + next year? Of course quite a few unexpected pitchers stepped forward
    • Glad to see Kjerstad get off to a good start in AFL. Don’t know what it is about Aberdeen, but almost every player improves after leaving there. 
    • New park rule, to hit a home run you have to hit the warehouse. Anything less is a ground rule double.
    • Batting average is just another stat. It has predictive value. It is well correlated with OBP. I have a hard time understanding the general herd-mind snobbery that comes out whenever anyone mentions Batting Average.
    • Not enough PAs to qualify. Players need 3.1 PAs per game (501 PAs in 162 games). Trey only had 401 PAs with the O’s this year.
    • Yeah, I value on base percentage a lot more than batting average. Batting average is neat if you’ve got a guy like Ichiro or Boggs or Gwynn. But OBP is, IMO, the far better metric.    However, if we had a guy making a race for a batting title this board would be all in. Maybe except for you because you’re a curmudgeon and @DrungoHazewoodbecause he’d be telling us all about how Hot Cakes O’Houlihan had it harder in the 1896 Federal League. 
    • They should just paint WALLTIMORE across it in giant letters.    I don’t know what else they could do with it except bring it in maybe 10 feet. Overall, I liked the wall this year. I didn’t see as many doubles and triples as expected but I think it was an overall positive for us.    That said, I think they overdid it by a few feet. I wouldn’t mind if they brought it in 5-10 feet but kept the height the same.    But I took Ruiz’s tweet to mean that they wouldn’t really change the new LF wall and that they were reconsidering other outfield dimensions.  I don’t know what they could do other than move the CF wall back into the sod farm a bit.  I can’t imagine them touching the flag court. 
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