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Round 35 - Charles Porter: LHP, No School

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Found this Sun article about Charles Porter.


“It’s an interesting story,” Rajsich said. “He hurt himself somehow and he was rehabbing with some ballplayers and he was talking about baseball and said, ‘I pitched in high school.’”

Apparently, his interest was rekindled from that conversation with the players, Rajsich said, and since he had known Orioles scout Juan Alvarez previously, he asked for a tryout.

“And, actually, he was not bad,” Rajsich said. “He’s 6-foot-3, left-handed. He’s got the makings of three pitches. We’ll see how far he goes.”

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If this guy makes it to the majors they should make his life story into a movie. They could really ham up the desire to fight stuff. Then the just so happen to talk to some players.

Throw in some hot teenage girls and some scenes where he gets into trouble drinking and fighting too much and you have a story right there.

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