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2012 Final Draft List

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Gausman, Kevin

Kline, Branden

Marin, Adrian

Walker, Christian

Poche, Colin

Rutledge, Lex

Price, Matthew

Boss, Torsten

Wager, Brady

Hutter, Joel

Grendell, Kevin

Waltrip, William

Wass, Wade

McAdams, Sean

Velazquez, Derick

Rennie, Luc

Grim, Nick

Kimmel, Sam

Hader, Josh

Ripken, Ryan

Service, Julien

Howard, Will

Escat, Gene

Richards, Tommy

Simpson, Alexander

Herbst, Lucas

Caronia, Anthony

Torres, Dennis

Pintar, Jake

Vega, Anthony

Bazzani, Anthony

Russell, William

Plaia, Colton

Sewald, John

Porter, Charles

Irvin, Peter

Bleeker, Derrick

Graham, Jack

Kalush, Scott

Hunnicutt, Raymond

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