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Gausman is on the mound now, ESPN2


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That's not to say he has a plus slider in the wrist, but I've seen it flash pretty good, and show average, basically the last two months of the season. So I wouldn't wory too much about him having trouble "developing one" as some have put it. He has a great comfort zone at LSU, however, so a lot of his success in the minors is going to depend on him maintaining the focus and comfort level he has with LSU. I think he'll be fine, but those are more the type of concerns/things to work on, in my opinion. His mechanics and stuff are solid IMO.

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Stony Brook is showing me a lot today. They had their hearts ripped out not once, not twice, but 3 times yesterday with a chance to snare the opening game of this series as a heavy underdog, and they didn't. Subsequently, they came into this game the very next day facing the # 1 draft pick of the Orioles, and they are holding up pretty well so far. Apparently, they are not intimidated by Gausman, and they aren't carrying the luggage of yesterday's horrible loss with them. :cool:

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H:o 6

R:O 3

BB: 1

SO: 6

Pitches: 98 (58 Strikes, 40 Balls) *

2012 ERA: 2.77 [Division I College]

* Gausman threw 12 pitches this morning in the completion of the first game of this 3-game series. The game was suspended after 11 innings yesterday. LSU won the game in the 12th inning today, with Gausman picking up the W.










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To be honest, Gausman didn't blow me away. To be fair, I think the wet conditions bothered him.

However, there was a fair amount of hard contact off him and not that many swings and misses.

I can see he'll need a better breaking ball in the pros.

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To be fair to Gausman, he is only a sophmore, and I think last years draft class distorts what was available this year somewhat. Gausman may not have even been in the top 10 last year. Not every year can you get a Dylan Bundy at pick #4.

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