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Knuckleball Velocity


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A change up is a pitch that is thrown at the same speed as a fastball but due to the grip comes in at 8-10 mph slower correct?

What is the velocity loss with a fastball motion and a knuckleball grip?

It is amazing to me that Dickey can break 80 mph with his knuckleball.

It seems to me (please correct me if needed) that if a circle change grip or a palm ball grip took 8-10 MPH off the speed that a Knuckleball grip would take off closer to 13-15. That would mean that Dickey's top fastball velocity would theoretically be in the mid 90's.

I am not whining because he just beat the O's.

What I am seeing with Dickey reminds me strongly of Scott in '86 with the Astros. He is throwing a pitch no one has ever seen before.

Once again if I am speaking from ignorance, please instruct me.

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