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This team won't finish above .500 and they should be sellers!


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Tonight is a perfect example of why this team will not even be able to finish .500. The starting pitching isn't good, the defense is horrible, and if it wasn't for the long ball they would be one of the worst offensive teams in the league. Even with the long ball they aren't a good offensive team.

Adam Jones is the only good hitter on the team. Roberts and Hardy can't get on base, Wieters and Davis are streaky, Reynolds has never heard of a productive out, Betemit and the rest of the guys are all bench players. Markakis coming back isn't going to make a difference.

Defensively the team is a complete joke.

Hammel has been great and Chen has been good. Matusz, Arrieta, and Hunter are extremely inconsistent. Tillman, Gonzalez, and Berken have been very good in AAA this season ... call one of them up to take Hunter's spot in the rotation and maybe another one to take Matusz' spot. Britton is struggling at AAA, not an encouraging sign.

The bullpen has been exceptional. I'd start trying to trade Johnson, O'Day, and Ayala right now while they are doing great and get as much value as I can for them. I'd hang onto Patton and Strop as they are under control for awhile (I imagine they are at least as neither have been in the majors for long), and if Lindstrom has some good outings put him on the trade block too. Who knows, maybe you can get a team desperate for bullpen help to give up a good prospect or two.

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All we have is Hammel and Chen but not sold on chen yet. The rest off this staff gonna start calling them the Three Amigos cause they all suck and can't give 6in at all.

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But if we win tomorrow are we legit playoff contenders? :scratchchinhmm:

Just a reactionary post.

Do you think you can win the wild card with Hunter Matusz and Jake ? Answer is hell no

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I have loved this season, but playoff contention in late August and into September is not going to happen. If you assume leaders in divisions stay that way I still see at least the Angels, Rays, BoSox and Tigers finishing with more wins than the O's. Be sellers and add more pieces for the future.

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I think the O's will wait until close to the deadline before deciding if they are buyers or sellers.

Sure would be nice if they thought more about what they could be with the right additions. Granted, takes two teams to make a deal (or deals) happen, but the O's obviously could use some help right now...and, if they got it, I think they might be able to sustain "winning" this season.

I'm sure I'll look back on this when the team is six games under at the deadline and just...sigh.

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    • Glad to see that Manny’s Padres are likely to get in now.  With Tatis out and Soto being a huge disappointment, Manny has really carried that team.  When you look at what he has meant to that team, he deserves serious MVP consideration, though I suspect Goldschmidt will win based on gaudier offensive numbers.   Goldie has a much stronger supporting cast though.  Manny’s been doing it all by himself.  
    • We had a 9-8 season series lead on Tampa and ended up losing the season series 10-9, losing the final two. We had a 9-7 season series lead on Boston and ended up losing the season series 10-9, losing the final three. We had a 6-2 season series lead on Toronto and have allowed it to get to 8-8.   We’ll lose that season series unless we win 2 of the final three. New York?  Different story, they’ve kick our butts all year.   We easily could have won the season series with Tampa, Boston and Toronto and have squandered the first two.  Boston in particular really  irritated me.   Losing the season series to Toronto after dominating them early would really add insult to injury. 
    • Yeah, it's hard for me to complain about a handful of winnable games in a season full of surprises. I never thought they would be a playoff team even when they were tied, or maybe ahead in a WC position earlier. There's a lot to look forward to for 2023... there's also a lot of work to do this off season.   
    • I feel like there's a default assumption that he's not a great blocker because most great pass catching TEs not named Kittle aren't.  But I've been looking out for him on running plays and this man is straight mauling people in run blocking.  He's easily Boyle's equal as a blocker even when Boyle is healthy.  But he's almost never playing tight end.   With the way he's pretty much permanently our slot receiver, having him as one of the main blockers on WR screens should be terrifying for DBs that have to shed this guy while tackling the receiver.  We put Ricard out wide a lot too, imagine Ricard and Andrews blocking for a WR screen to Bateman or Duvernay in trips.
    • Good post.  For me it doesn’t sting very much.   The team came a very long way this year.   But they were never more than a team with a puncher’s chance at the playoffs.   I’d still like to see them finish by playing a little better than they have for the last couple of weeks, to leave a good taste in our mouths after a fun season. 
    • I would want at least 3 years left for any pitcher we get in a trade.  I still think one of the young Astros starters makes the most sense.  The Astros were interested in Mullins before to upgrade their center fielder.   Elias knows that system so I like that as advantage.  Garcia, Valdez, Javier and Urquidy would be better fits because of at least 1 more year of control.  Javier would be my first choice because he has more strikeout stuff compared to other 3.  
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