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Really?? Unthinkable "catch" call in CLE-NYY game

Spy Fox

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Check out this video of a maybe great play by a Yankees LF.


On a foul pop-up by Jack Hannahan, umpire Mike DiMuro calls this leaping play by Dewayne Wise a catch. Understandable, because the ball appeared to hit Wise's glove as he fell into the stands. But then he never asks Wise to show the ball and prove the out, despite the fact that he went tumbling into the seats. The ball had never been in the glove and had rolled away down the row. Wise gets out of the stands about two feet away from DiMuro--without the ball--but DiMuro then signals catch. Oh yeah, and a fan in the first row was holding the dropped ball up in the air clearly visible about 10 feet to the left of the umpire.

Then when Hannahan complains to DiMuro later in the game, naturally he gets immediately ejected.

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