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vs. INDIANS 7/01


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Shin-Soo Choo - RF

Asdrubal Cabrera - DH

Jason Kipnis - 2B

Jose Lopez - 3B

Shelley Duncan - LF

Casey Kotchman - 1B

Jason Donald - SS

Lou Marson - C

Aaron Cunningham - CF

Justin Masterson - RHP (4-7. 4.09 ERA)


Brian Roberts - 2B

J.J. Hardy - SS

Chris Davis - RF

Adam Jones - CF

Jim Thome - DH

Wilson Betemit - 1B

Ryan Flaherty - LF

Ronny Paulino - C

Robert Andino - 3B

Brian Matusz - LHP (5-9, 5.24 ERA)


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It's always never good when you have people playing positions they aren't really "supposed" to be playing...

Andino at 3rd. (At least he's probably our best option as Betemit and Reynolds like to throw it away!)

Flaherty in the OF.

Davis in the OF.

Betemit at 1B.

I guess it's just a reminder of how much work we still have to do on the Orioles. Need real corner IFers big time.

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I dont think it will be a long era...we also lose Wieters as a DH today. We will see. I like the guy very much..but he's 41 and not much left in the tank.

Same thoughts here. I have always liked Jim Thome. He sticks around and does good. I just don't think he is what the Orioles need right now. We have so many DHers and you're right, we lose Wieters today.

Wish Avery were out there in LF today not Flaherty. I just don't see Flaherty being better than Avery. I absolutely hate that we have to keep Flaherty on the roster the rest of the year or lose him and the Orioles for some reason don't want to lose him. I just hate that. Doesn't make any sense to me. That said I hope Flaherty has a red hot game! lol

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