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I think if Matusz doesn't pitch decently today, he'll go to Norfolk


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I think they either bring up another RP to replace him and then send him back down for Tillman Thurs. or just bring up Tillman now so he can get acclimated

I would think they would want him to travel with the team to Seattle.

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It's unbelievable how bad Matusz is. He looks like a completely different pitcher - literally, his windup looks nothing like when he came out of school. Remember he had pinpoint control and a devastating changeup? Remember the quotes from his college coach saying he was Major League ready? (And he actually was.)

How the heck did he turned into this red-cheeked, huffing and puffing, Brian Burress clone?

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Yea, I'm pretty much done with Matusz for now. Have Peterson see if he can work some magic.

Yep. See if he can rediscover himself down there.

Very disappointing though. I'll be pulling for him. I'm not ready to give up on him. I don't think Matusz can do much out of the BP either (other than as a LOOGY... tOPS+ of 24 vs. LHB). :eek:

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