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Independence Day - Tillman vs. Mariners 7/4


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LOL. So, do you think Buck's thrown a few tantrums in the clubhouse already or is that not his style? (BTW I can easily see Betemit in that scene.)

There's a lot of kids on this roster...

"Just scare 'em! They're kids."

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You bastard !!! :)

If you aren't there already watching, you know what that makes you? A LOLLYGAGGER! It's all very simple: You post the lineups on the gamethread, and then go to the website, click on the website, and sit back with a beer and watch Andino apologize for blowing Hammel's W, reporters bore Buck with dumb questions, and Adam Jones try to figure out WTH Amber Theoharris is up to with her interminable four-part interview.

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