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Please feel free to request gifs! (Thank you Tony)


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Thanks to Tony's generosity, I no longer need to worry about post count.

If you have any GIF requests as the season progresses, please let me know and I'll do my best to get them. Feel free to PM me or email: tinamodottioriole@gmail.com

As you might have guessed from my Pie Helmet expose (:laughlol:), I love the minutia and random stuff just as much as the highlight reel plays. Putting the gifs/vids together really is a labor of love.

Here's hoping the Orioles give us many more gifable moments!

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Seriously, promoting TinaModotti to the Hangout Staff was a great move. He will significantly improve the content of the site with his gif skills.

Well done, Tony and Co.!

I always thought Tina was a chick? :scratchchinhmm:

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