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Maybe we should be learning something from this team?


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    • I don’t disagree.  I just feel like our pitching doesn’t get enough credit for the excellent season we just had.  And in my opinion, we are extremely fortunate to be sitting here with Bradish under control for 5 seasons and Rodriguez for 6, not to mention Kremer for 4.   That’s an extremely nice foundation around which to construct a staff.  I do wish we had a bit more quality depth in the minors.   
    • I don't think it's really an apples to apples comparison. They have plenty of hitting contingency plans in the minors, but not so much on the pitching side. And they've already lost a member of their starting rotation and their closer. Whether or not you believe they need to make a drastic move or a series of modest moves I still believe that 90% of their money and/or trade capital should go to filling and/or improving those pitching holes this season. 
    • Elias needs to trade from what he has because they won’t do what it takes financially to bring in a difference making pitcher. This is the only way they will acquire one. But Cease isn’t the only target either. The Dodgers also tend to trade prospects they aren’t as enamored with.
    • Not allowing these matters to be decoupled puts Angelos in a little bit of a pickle then, no? My limited understanding of this issue is that these additional development rights have to be approved by the General Assembly, which does not meet again until January. But the lease needs to be signed by 12/31, lest Angelos and the MSA agree to another short term lease/extension. Not getting a full lease done by 12/31 would be quite the bad look for everyone involved, not that John Angelos seems to give a damn about the veracity of his public statements.
    • You're making the offensive situation sound much more dire than it actually is. And the whole point of stripping it down to the studs and rebuilding with a bevy of young hitting prospects is that you trust your analysis/scouting and you bank on them improving. I would say it worked out pretty well with Henderson and Rutschman last season, no? A full season with Westburg and Kjerstad in particular in the lineup should offer a pretty significant bosot to the offense. And you'll also likely be adding another solid bat to the lineup in Holliday mid-season. For a team that we all suspect has a glass ceiling budget there's absolutely no reason to spend a portion of those precious dollars on a MOO bat. Not when they have much more glaring needs on the pitching side. 
    • Well if Holty was a wizard, Frenchy could be a sorcerer?
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