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Official-Tejada to Houston


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Troy Patton: 21 year old who can't strike people out at AA or AAA, and may have a bad shoulder.

Matt Albers: 24 year old who got hammered in MLB last year with terrible peripherals, and who didn't dominate at AAA before that.

Mike Costanzo: Scott Moore part II. Probably the best piece in the trade, but remember, we got Scott Moore (and Rocky Cherry) for Steve Tracshel!

Luke Scott: a capable big league left fielder, but already 29; has no value to the O's unless we really, really want to finish 4th instead of 5th for the next couple of seasons.

Dennis Sarfate: minor league closer who walks way too many guys...but hey, he did have 7 good innings with Houston last September.

There's no star potential here, none. Nobody who can be called a grade A or even a B+ prospect.

This trade is pointless unless there's a deal in place to flip Scott for a real prospect.

Can't argue with most of what you said, but with troy patton, sure K's are sexy, but look at his WHIP.


Hopefully he isn't damaged goods, but I don't need someone to K a guy an inning if he's only letting a little over 1 baserunner per inning. Not like the HR/9 though.

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Interesting thing about outfielder Luke Scott. Yeah, he's alreday 29, but he didn't turn pro till he was 24.The guy has an OBP and slugs pretty well. Mite not be that bad. He's only played about 1 1/2 yrs. in the Majors.

28 homers in 663 ab's is not bad and actually hits better away from that bandbox in Houston. Strikes out too much but gets his walks. Don't know defensively but he'll get his shot now, that's for sure.

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I disagree Mike, although I'll have more on this shortly, the Orioles just added a lot of depth in the organization for a player's who's value was dropping fast then the temperatures outside.

Definitely not just a salary dump, we took back their 2 best pitching prospects and added a power bat plus some depth.

Not to mention the fact that in 24 hours at 2pm Tejadas value might be 0.

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Both Patton (58) and Albers (85 or so) entered 2007 on the BA Top 100 Prospect list and were two and three respectively within the Houston system. In the current Houston ratings, Castanzo is in the Astros Top 10.

I know Houston has a weak system, but that's the equivalent of two organizational top five prospects and one top 10 prospect plus an adequate ML OFer in Scott. This is a significantly better deal than the Everett, Scott, Patton rumors, IMO. When discussing that, people wanted one more decent prospect and we got someone projected to be better than Patton by BA.

Overall, the more I read, the more I think this is a positive deal for the Os. If one of Albers/Patton becomes a 3, this deal is just fine for me.

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We just got 4 decent to good prospects and one solid ML outfielder for an aging, declining shortstop with a large contract and some of you are complaining? Keep in mind that just because some people on this board think that he is worth Brandon Wood or Felix Pie doesn't make it so. There is absolutely no reason to believe that there were any deals out there better than this, and keeping Tejada would have been pointless.

If a few of these guys turn into valuable pieces (not superstars), then this trade was a good one. Add these players to the blue chippers we can get for Bedard and Roberts and the whole system will be light years ahead of where it was when the season ended.

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I disagree Mike, although I'll have more on this shortly, the Orioles just added a lot of depth in the organization for a player's who's value was dropping fast then the temperatures outside.

Maybe compared to where you're coming from, but the temps have jumped about fifteen degrees in three days around here ;)

Any thought that one (or more) of the teams in the Bedard talks wanted an outfielder more then a shortstop/third baseman and Scott will be flipped? Maybe it gets us Kershaw from LA, or Bruce from Cincinnati?

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    • This is all true. And inversely, Ortiz has the first half of the season at AAA to hit enough to demand Mateo's job.  It works both ways.  
    • It also let’s us get a better look at some of these prospects, to see what we have. I think it’s smarter to be patient and not start trading our big trade chips just yet. Hernaiz was definitely expendable, so I’m really happy with this trade. Ideally, by the trade deadline, Holliday has shown signs that he’s the future at SS and we can confidently trade from our depth at SS to improve our pitching again. 
    • Only way a Profar-Orioles rumor makes sense is if it came from Profar's agent.
    • I don't think he's ever going to comfortably part with the top guys in the system until there are clearly established players on the ML team that would actually block those players he'd be looking at trading. For example, I think once Gunnar and whomever of Westburg/Norby/Ortiz/Mayo lock down two spots (and assuming Holliday is ascending), at that point he'll look to trade whoever hasn't earned regular playing time (but is hopefully still maintaining trade value by performing well in AAA). I think he's worried of trading the wrong guys and having whoever he's left with bust at the ML level, especially if it's in pursuit of a pitcher with minimal long-term team control.
    • Interesting it's possible, I've never cared for either of the brothers so maybe Louis is in the right. I just want the team to get sold and out of this dysfunctional family's hands. 
    • Looking at some of his stats for the last two years, he really looks like the type of guy we would've ran out there for the 2012-2016 teams. H/9, K/9, BB/9, HR/9, WHIP, and K/BB all fall into ranges you would see from Tillman, Chen, Miguel Gonzales, Bud Norris, etc. They all generally had higher ERA+, I assume on account of the ballpark factors? At a glance his numbers from his two years in Oakland match up very similarly to Chen's first two years in Baltimore (2012-2013). I'd be interested in how their stuff compares and if there could be a comp there for those who may know more. I don't think he's dominant by any stretch, but I'm hopeful he can be a solid SP to a playoff rotation over the next four years.
    • I guess the only question left is whether Urias and Mateo are still on the opening day roster. The IF still seems a little crowded with Westburg and Ortiz knocking on the door.    My guess at this point is they both start the season here but at least one of them is in another uniform after the trade deadline. 
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