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Juan Pierre and Joe Blanton O's are going after them


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wow.... the Orioles keep going after AGED veterans who are way past their prime. Juan Pierre has seen much better days. But then again, he is probably better than Endy Chavez.

Joe Blanton needs to work on his game, I don't think we have the pitching support (coaches) to help him improve. We don't have a good track history of improving pitchers, look at our own pitchers we developed... Arrieta, Tillman, Matusz, Britton etc.

No thanks to both of them.

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Nothing says I'm serious about a playoff run, like Juan Pierre and Joe Blanton trades.

lmao very true.

Going after a Joe Blanton is just admitting the team is to flawed and that the cost would be to much in order to bring in whats necessary to make a meaningful playoff run.

However if Hammel is out any significant amount of time, this might be the right philosophy. I think the primary reason to get Blanton would be allow guys like Matusz, Arrieta, Hunter etc to remain in the minors and do the work they need to in order to be effective. Basically he eats innings, should be relatively cheap to aquire, is a FA at end of year and thus no ties to bind you to him. This allows you to work with the guys you want to and not have to bring up either Matusz or Arrieta. Chen, Blanton, Gonzalez, Tillman and Britton...

Juan Pierre....WHY? Would rather let Avery play day in and day out.

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