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vs. Twins 7/17


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Nick Markakis - RF

J.J. Hardy - SS

Jim Thome - DH

Adam Jones - CF

Matt Wieters - C

Mark Reynolds - 1B

Chris Davis - DH

Wilson Betemit - 3B

Ryan Flaherty - 2B

Zach Britton - LHP (4-1, 4.15 ERA) [AAA-Norfolk]


Denard Span - CF

Ben Revere - RF

Joe Mauer - C

Josh Willingham - LF

Justin Morneau - 1B

Trevor Plouffe - 3B

Ryan Doumit - DH

Brian Dozier - SS

Jamey Carroll - SS

Samuel Deduno - RHP (0-0, 5.06 ERA)


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Britton's first game back tonight.

Yesterday sucked, but it's time to get back on the horse and take some of our anger out on the Twins tonight.

Buck said he is glad to see that Zack feels that he is back to 100 percent and on the top of his game. He said the Minnesota Twins will let him know if that confidence is appropriate.

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Buck says he was not just serving time in the minors. He had finally gotten to a point where they felt he was a option to be sucessful in the major leagues.

He's more ready than the alternatives I expect.

Buck says that the Twins will let us know if he is able to do that.

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