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Orioles Hangout Credibility Killers


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Pick one statement about the Orioles or this message board that would most effectively and instantly kill your credibility with other posters on this site. Not something you actually believe...just for fun. What is the most asinine opinion you can think of?

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This thread is emblematic of how bad the O's are reeling. Really too bad to see. The enthusiasm was so good.

Let's move on to meta-debate over what will delegitimize you on a message board! Clearly trading Machado/Bundy has to be the starting point here right?

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    • Today BAL is 24th of the 30 Clubs in Wins since play began in 2019.     It'll be interesting to see how far these Adley teams can climb the AL ladder the next four or more years. https://www.fangraphs.com/leaders/major-league?pos=all&stats=pit&lg=all&qual=y&type=8&month=0&ind=0&team=0%2Cts&startdate=&enddate=&season1=2019&season=2023&sortcol=2&sortdir=default&pagenum=1 2019-present, we are already ahead of DET-KCR. Teams to leap frog next year: -trail TEX by 3 games, trail LAA by 5 games, trail OAK by 14 games, trail CHW by 27 games Teams to leap frog by end of 2025 -trail BOS by 40 games Those projected achievements would get Elias' Club to 8th of the 15 AL Clubs for 2019-2025.     How deep he took the dive helped how high it can fly.    Elias and Adley in time, if we are lucky, becomes a Belichick and Brady kind of thing.     If the Start Time is instead Adley's MLB debut, as managed by Elias, its already ATL-LAD-HOU-BAL.
    • Do you really want to pay Cedric Mullins FA rates for his age 31+ seasons? I don't, and that's not a knock on him or what he's done. Just the simple reality that it's hard to play good CF defense in your thirties and Cedric probably lacks the bat to be especially valuable in left field. Hopefully Bradfield Jr. or Fabian is knocking on the door in two years.
    • All of them would be tough outs, but you expect that since it’s the playoffs. FWIW we are 3-3 against Texas. 3-3 against Houston. 8-5 against Tampa. 10-3 against Toronto. I really don’t want to play any of them from a “who do I think we ll beat” because I think we can beat them all. Toronto beating us would bother me the most. 
    • We'll have to beat 2 of them to make it to the WS, so it kind of doesn't matter to me. Any series will be tough. If you're making me pick, I pick Texas given their bullpen.
    • Tampa is definitely the toughest team on there. I don't really have a strong preference between the other three.
    • Just because he's a little better than some of the starting SS in the league right now doesn't mean anyone would trade for him.   The only thing it means to me is that some teams have some seriously bad starting SS.   Thank the maker we have Gunnar.
    • I mean, playing Mateo didn't sink the team, but you can't just look at the W-L record and say the correct decision was made. How do we know we wouldn't have won an extra game or two while getting Ortiz necessary MLB experience if we'd gone with him over Mateo?
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