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Nice to have a laugher for once


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It has been a long while since we could relax in the ninth inning. Good to see

We have had plenty of laughers recently...just this last Monday when we were down 19-7 I was very relaxed by the 9th inning...

It would be really nice to take 3 of 4 this weekend.

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Bordick mentioned that Gregg went to Buck and offered to be a starting pitcher.

That was a laugher. Anybody else here that? lol

I fail to see how that's funny. Funny that a guy who has gotten ragged on all season and had a nice year trying to help the team in any way he can? When he knows Buck doesn't really trust him, he still wants to find a way to help the team. Knee-slappin hilarious. :rolleyes:

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Agree that an easy win makes everything .... easier.

Would prefer that our SPs not throw 114 pitches with 9 run leads, though.

If our starters can't handle 114 low stress pitches I guess you can add that to the list of serious problems with the organization.

I have never seen evidence that 114 high stress pitches is particularly damaging, not unless like 60 of them came in one innings.

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