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White Sox Acquire Francisco Liriano


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Alright, I really hope--at this point--we simply make no deals. Headley would be nice but why not try for him in the offseason? The deal would have to be right.

I wish we were looking at much different type of deals than we are right now...watching Chris Carter today I thought to myself: now that is the kind of target we should've been looking at a month ago. A talented guy who's too old to still be a top prospect and still hasn't put it together at the ML level for one reason or another, but still can put it together. I suggested Domonic Brown a while back but he was more just a stand-in for the category of player we should really be targeting.

Hell, if we didn't have Jake Arrieta and Brian Matusz I'd say they'd be pretty good targets for us.

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This is so lame. This is the second trade we should have made in the past week - Hanley being the first. Whether you like these players or not, they are players that could have helped us and were acquired with little given in return. Very aggravating not to see us make these moves.

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Thumbs up on this trade. Liriano has pitched much better recently. He was blown up in his last start (against the sox), but he had posted 7 QS in his last 10 outings. No one of value was lost. Escobar is a nice utility player, but those are easier to replace than SPs with upside. Danks is probably done for the year, so we needed a lefty in the rotation.

Yeah, it doesn't work like that. Jackson was a FA and got 10 mil as opposed to Liriano's 2 mil. Jackson also netted us the one prospect that Kenny was able to flip to acquire Youk. Sox still have 5 starters in the rotation (Sale, Quintana, Peavy, Floyd, and Humber) so if Liriano is awful they can stick him in the pen where lefties are hitting a paltry .195 against him.

The risk for this deal is low and as a sox fan I know how good Liriano can be. Good deal for White Sox, got a starter with some upside (though risk) for at best 2 fringy future major leaguers.

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