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Guthrie dominant tonight


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Tonight @ the White Sox

IP      H       ER      BB      K8.0	5	0	0	6

I'm so happy that he was able to finally put together a start we know he's capable of. I'm still a little bummed that he won't get a start in Camden Yards, but this really made me smile :)

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Good morning Baltimore! Great to be back & see former teammates, coaches, & friends. Wish I had chance to pitch in front of the great fans.


Excited my wife & son get to join me this wkend as well, #TheCharmCity has a special place in all our hearts & is where he spent 1st 5 yrs.

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IP:O 8

H:o. 5

R:O. 0

BB:. 0

SO:. 6

Pitches: 104 (74 Strikes, 30 Balls)

2012 ERA: 6.10 OO [Royals, 5.18] OO [Rockies, 6.35]

Thanks for the "official" line score :P I would rep you but I've handed out too much over the last 24 hours :D

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Bump.. And again tonight. Man, I know hindsight is 20/20, but bummer we couldn't take a gamble on him.

His numbers in COL were shocking and unGuthrie-like. I think he has a lot of value as a guy that will nearly always be under 4.5 in ERA. Replace Hunter with him and we are in business.

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Jeremy Guthrie vs Oakland Athletics


7 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 8 K

Great game Jeremy, and thanks for the help in beating those pesky A's!

Guthrie can do us a lot of good down the stretch. If he pitches every fifth game, he'll see Detroit three times, the White Sox twice, the Angels and the Red Sox. I hope he throws nothing but goose eggs!

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