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Will Machado hit for power?


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I hope Manny is a 35+ HR a year guy. But, before we get too cocky, Jeff Manto hit a HR in five straight games ;)

Manto hit a home run in four consecutive plate appearances, not five straight games. Just sayin'. Anyway, if Manto had any defensive chops he probably would have had a solid 10-year MLB career. His AAA OPS, mostly not in the PCL, was over .900. Heck, there are HOF shortstops who absolutely, positively weren't as good hitters as Jeff Manto.

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Realistically it is not likely that he woud be able to keep up that pace for triples, :P.

One of these days somebody has to come along and challenge Sam Crawford's record. Dude's a little overconfident, seein as how Willie Wilson was a triples machine and he was the last guy to approach (not even reach) 50% of Crawford's 309.

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