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Will Machado hit for power?


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Agreed. Hitting 15 to 20 less homers doesn't make you a low-quality ballplayer. If he gets on base and moves runners forward at a consistent rate, is that not valuable? Why does every next big name have to put up 35 homers also?

Because the best players are power hitters.

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Because the best players are power hitters.

No, the best players are RUN-CREATORS. How they do it should make no difference.

If he gets on base 37% of the time, for a .370 clip, how is he not more valuable than the guy who'll hit homeruns 8-9% of the time?

Also, I'd like to point out why your argument has no basis in what happened his first game. He showed power tonight! As a 20 year old he hit a triple. He showed gap power, which is exactly what scouts look for when evaluating the power prospects of anyone who's not a Chris Davis (i.e. an 80 on the power scale). So unless you'd like him to be an 80 on the power scale, which no shortstop is (and very few members of other positions are), then stop worrying. Tonight was a VERY good night for anyone concerned about his power.

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Fine. Show us one report that says Machado doesn't have at least plus bat speed. Alternatively, do your eyes and expertise outweigh every report and analysis of his game that are out there after watching one game?

Well, he has eviscerated both WAR and the pythag in the last week. He's the Jacques Derrida of baseball analysis.

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I'm really surprised people are indulging this. Basic child psychology, folks: extinction is the best policy.

It's too hard to resist I guess. I got my first violation from this guy. After round after round of similar mind numbingly dumb posts such as this, I couldn't take it any more. He is quite relentless and disciplined. .

In the old world order SG would have made quick work of him. I suppose that's the price of democracy.

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