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Sabathia to DL


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CC on DL

August, 11, 2012

Aug 11



By Wallace Matthews | ESPNNewYork.com

CC Sabathia is the latest Yankees pitcher to go on the disabled list.

The big man is down for at least 15 days with what Joe Girardi called "elbow stiffness,'' which the manager said has lingered since first emerging after Sabathia's complete game against Seattle on Aug. 3.

Sabathia had an MRI, which came back clean, but the stiffness recurred after his last start, in Detroit on Tuesday, when he left the game after 6 1/3 innings. Girardi termed his level of concern "low'' since, he said, the pain hasn't worsened, and yet its persistence prompted the Yankees to DL their ace after Saturday's 5-2 win over the Blue Jays. More details to come in a full story on the website shortly.

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I hope the Orioles can close some ground while he is out. Would be nice to be three games or less when he makes his return. Put some pressure on the Skanks.

We really dont want the wildcard. The pennant is def worth going for.

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    • Personally I take rushed to mean something a bit milder. I think you're using the word more absolutely than many do, and that's the disagreement.  I would call a player rushed if they were brought up before they were ready to perform, and it damaged or delayed their development. Particularly if there was reason to doubt their readiness before the callup. But it doesn't have to be something that ruins them or that they never recover from for me to be willing to call it rushing.  Now I'm not sure they rushed Holliday under either definition, since there was tons of evidence supporting the idea of bringing him up. 
    • IMHO defensive prowess at premium positions generally benefits your pitchers to a more significant degree than offensive prowess. So C, CF, SS, 2B are positions that I would be OK with one or two players who profile +10 D/-10 O. I think the corners, (LF, RF, 3B and 1B) are where you can have one or two +10 O/-10 D types. 3B tends to be a corner spot where a stellar defender can change the course of a game or series, however.  I also believe that defensive skill is more highly correlated with superb athleticism; whereas offensive skills are less highly correlated with athleticism.  In other words, it's rare to see a great defender who is not a great athlete; but there are many excellent hitters who are not very athletic.  I think the O's like players who can defend at a very high level. I think they like exceptional athletes who are versatile defensively. They have been fortunate that many of their prospects are superb on both sides of the ball.   
    • Boring answer but I’m going with the average hitter, average defender. Everyone loves a great hitter but just wait til they have a DJ Stewart bonk on the head moment time after time and the offense won’t seem so great. On the other hand, Izturis was cool to have on the team until he came up to bat.    Give me someone who will make most of the plays and won’t kill you at the plate. 
    • He wasn’t rushed because the org and everyone who saw him felt he was ready. He’s mature, he’s confident and has dominated the minors. So, unless you want to ignore all of that, I don’t see any logical argument that he was rushed.
    • I think he gets more games. They gave Cowser 77 PA last season, Holliday isn't halfway there yet.
    • When people say a player was rushed, it usually  means the player has no chance to compete, is in over their heads, confident shot to hell and may not recover. What you are saying isn’t that.  You are saying they could use more seasoning iyo. Again, this may be semantics but rushed is usually a negative connotation that comes with ruining a players career.     So no, I don’t think that exists unless it’s an example like I said.,going from HS to the majors or something over the top like that..which doesn’t happen.
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