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Red Sox Place Adrian Gonzalez On Trade Waivers


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But why not try and show we want to win? I am so tired of people defending Angelo's cheapness, he has ripped off the fans for a decade and a half, sorry if I am not sad to see him overspend. AGon is a great player.

But you don't just get him for free if you claim him. You still need to work out a trade. I kind of doubt that the Red Sox would trade him within the division, even if you accept that he's worth the money and prospects (which I don't).

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From Rotoworld:

ESPN Radio's Jim Bowden reports the Red Sox have no intention of trading Adrian Gonzalez to the Dodgers after he was claimed on waivers.

Bowden's report comes via a "member of Red Sox front office." The Red Sox have 48 hours to let the Dodgers simply take their first baseman, work out a trade or pull Gonzalez back from waivers. Gonzalez hasn't been quite the sensation the Red Sox were planning on when they acquired him from the Padres, but has still hit an elite .321/.382/.513 through 1,242 plate appearances. Unless the Sox are desperate to unload the $127 million left on A-Gone's deal, he's not going anywhere.

Source: Jim Bowden on Twitter Aug 24 - 2:36 PM

If they truly have no intention of trading him then exposing him to waivers is flat out stupid. Whatever work in the way of fielding phone calls from teams, MLB, or the media, is simply wasted time. I hope the Red Sox keep pulling stuff like this and fall back to where they were about 15 years ago.

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Uhh.... Randy Myers anyone? Remember what Toronto did to San Diego? It might make sense for Boston to just dump AGon if the contract was completely insane.

Blue Jays GM Gord Ash placed Myers on waivers. Perhaps he had a deal done to send Myers to the Atlanta Braves, who are in the market for a closer. Or perhaps he just wanted to see if there was a sucker out there willing to claim Myers and his elephantine contract just to make sure the Braves did not get him.

Ash found that sucker in San Diego, which claimed Myers one spot before Atlanta could claim him, since San Diego's record is slightly worse than Atlanta's. Ash no doubt called Towers and said, "Congratulations, you hit the jackpot." Instead of letting Myers go on a waiver claim, the two GMs worked out a trade in which Myers went to San Diego for two minor-league nobodies, so everyone could save face and make it look like a thoughtful deal had been done.

The result: Ash dumped an expensive relief pitcher he did not need, and Towers picked up an expensive relief pitcher he did not want. With 38 saves, Hoffman is doing fine on his own. In fact, Myers blew a ninth-inning lead in his first Padres appearance over the weekend.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/sports/article/Waiver-Claim-Backfired-on-Padres-Despite-big-2997629.php#ixzz24UyZMxL9

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Placing a claim on a player we have literally no chance of acquiring is supposed to show that we want to win? People put waaaay too much stock in waiver claims this time of the year. We don't have to complain about every single one because the reality is that 99% of these guys aren't going anywhere.

I agree, but the point Can of Corn made is that AGOn makes no sense for us and I disagreed. I understand the waiver process for the most part. Just saying it would be good to show some interest to make a point.

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