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The Cleveland Indians are sadness-inducing

Barnaby Graves

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On July 25th they were 49-49.

Tonight they are 55-73. They are 1-9 in their last 10 and tonight they were shut out by a pair of Billy Beane's socks and an eclair to be named later. Carlos Santana has declined offensively for the third straight year. There's probably some other depressing stats I could mention but really I don't care that much and most of you have stop reading to go find some Zoloft anyway.

Poor Cleveland :(

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Tribe was up 3-1 on the Sox in 2007 ALCS and gagged, so at least they have some recent history of success (also bit the weenie in 95 & 97 Series). I feel no pity for them, even though my family's from Akron; any team that hires Acta as a manager is asking for it.

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That 5/21 they gave Santana not looking so hot right now. Masterson and Tomlin have fallen apart this year, and Ubaldo looks like a lemon. Kotchman looks like Kotchman again after a good year last year. Nothing going right for these guys.

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