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vs. WHITE SOX 8/30


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Again, 2 games ago the O's beat Chris Sale and won 6-0, so how could they look flat? Unless you're counting 2 innings today as a "game," which would be ludicrous.

How's it ludicrous? Being outhit 5-0 through 2 with 5 very weakly hit balls.

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It's not that they're doing it, it's how. They just look dead out there.

Subjective judgements don't really work like that in baseball I've learned. It's very easy for a team to look "lazy" out there when they are facing a good pitcher or just in a slump (that they want to get out of, just as bad as you would want them to).

We know this team is not lazy. No way they could be the way they've outperformed expectations.

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