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Escobar's Anti-Gay Eye Black Slur


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Yunel Escobar wore eye black with an anti-gay slur on it during Saturday's game with the Red Sox.


The Toronto Blue Jays shortstop, however, finds himself in a bit of hot water as it has been pointed out that Escobar took the field on Saturday with a gay slur printed in Spanish on his eye black. The "tu ere maricon" (sic) can be translated to "you are a f----t" and was first pointed out by @james_in_to_, a Jays fan who took a similar picture from behind the Toronto dugout.

What was he thinking? With all the social media and HDTV what was going through his head when he put those on?


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Escobar is a talented player, but from all accounts he's a world-class jerk. I remember hearing that when the Braves traded him for Alex Gonzalez a couple years ago, the Braves gave Gonzalez a standing ovation when he arrived. I'm guessing that had less to do with Gonzalez and was more about the Braves being overjoyed to finally be rid of Escobar.

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Is communicating through eye black (slur or not) something innovated by Escobar, or is this just anthor trend that I missed the trend on?

A lot of people have done it in the past, probably starting almost a decade ago. It was mostly football players though and much more innocuous messages than this. It seemed like the trend had passed for the most part.

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Locker rooms are traditionally hot beds of juvenile, arrested adolescent behavior, like frat houses. Think about all the expletive deleteds that pass for banter in locker rooms you have frequented. Just becuse the guys are supposed to be adults doesn't mean they are. Escobar apparently writes stuff on his eye black all the time as a sort of running joke, His problem is he is too stupid to realize what passes for fun in the locker room, isn't necessarily funny on the playing field. That, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few gay players in the locker room who were secretly offended. Not that it would be possible for someone like Escobar to think about that possibility.

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Yea, it's not really the best example; I just view a homophobic/racial/sexist slur as completely different than getting a DUI.

It's hard to articulate the reasons...it's just different.

Good, I was really lost there for a second. I am the opposite. Say whatever you want to me, but don't put lives in danger on the road and don't raise your hand to a spouse.

Words < Actions

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