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December 2007.

Okay, take this with a grain of salt, but I have good sources that are telling me the following...

Miggy will be traded to Houston for Luke Scott, Troy Patton, some George Costanza guy, and two others. MacPhail wants to unload him quick because he heard that Miggy is in the Mitchell Report.

As for Erikkkk Bedard, he's going to Seattle for Adam Jones, Chris Tillman, some middle relief guy named Sherrill, and two others.

Word has it that Perlozzo will be replaced by Trembley, who will fail miserably and be replaced by an ESPN analyst.

Once again, I cannot reveal my sources, but take this all with a grain of salt.

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What's sad is seeing people excited about Jeff Clement and Chris Tillman (myself included).

Also what the heck happened to Triunfel? Remember when he was supposed to be the next Tejada?

He finally make it to AAA at the end of last year, putting up an OPS of .653 in 27 games.
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