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I think that if we get Clement we put him on first and make that his permanant position. How many home runs would you think would be a good projection for Clement to hit per season? Is he a 25-30 per year guy?

That seems about right. But with Weiters not far off, and Hernandez catching in the meantime, my vote would be to deal Clement for Brignac.

Maybe we can package Clement with some young arms for Hanley Ramirez? :D:D I can dream, right?

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Sounds like they need a lefty :002_ssuprised: We've got one of those too.

We've got Scott Eyre (who posted a 0.81 ERA after the break) and Neal Cotts... and Sean Marshall as the long man while Dempster is still piddling away in the rotation.

The Cubs bullpen is pretty well set.

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Well, we could use a better backup catcher than Henry Blanco... Clement would certainly qualify, and then some.

But trading a bunch of young talent for a backup catcher is foolish.

Not like Clement is a long term option for him unless they don't like Soto that much.

He is a luxury for the Cubs, not a need.

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