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Super Thursday - The Halves go away

JR Oriole

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So there are four huge games today that have big implications for us. I am not going to be greedy and ask that all four go our way, but I do think it is fair to ask that at least two of them do!

So in order of likelihood (of helping us), here it goes:

Oakland at Texas: If the Rangers happen to look at the standings, they will see a mere three game lead on Oakland, and two big series ahead of them home against LA and at Oakland. The Rangers can help us out the most these next seven games, so today would be a good start. I think the Rangers are bored in the regular season, but they need to wake up because the teams chasing them are not bored!

Tampa at Chicago: The White Sox have been awful recently, but they are still within one of Detroit and playing at home. If Tampa can win 11 in a row coming into their series with us, then I tip my cap to their usual September crap. But Chicago really needs to take two of four here at least.

New York at Toronto: I don't expect much out of the Jays, as they might have expended all of their energy beating us twice. I think they might win one of the four, but asking any more of them is a tall order.

Seattle at LA: Whatever. The Angels close out their ridiculously long homestand (16out of their last 19 games have been at the Big A) today, and I expect nothing out of Seattle. My hope is that Texas and Seattle can cool LA off when they hit the road.

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If i was a betting man, id bet that the Rangers, Jays and White sox all win tomorrow. Unfortinatwly i think theres zero chance the angels lose. If they were going to lose to the mariners it would have been against hernandez.

Yankees could very well lose in toronto with brandon morrow on the mound and the jay lineup being hot.

I really dont see the Rangers losing a 4 game series to the As, or anyone for that matter.

And the rays have to lose at some point. 8 wins in a row is tough and they would have to do it against a desperate team on the road against an ace pitcher.

I think we are in for a pretty nice day for the orioles

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The biggest ones for me are Oakland and Tampa. That LAA game may be 8-1 Angels after 2 innings, so I am hardly going to stress over that game. But we need that one game edge on Oakland and somebody needs to slow Tampa down as they are out of control and thinking they can pull their Tampa magic again.

I know the Yankees are still within reach, but they have not lost on a day we have won in over 2 weeks. So until that happens, catching them will be very hard.

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No matter what, this is a huge day because finally those ridiculous half games go away. After today, everybody has 6 games left. And even though the Os don't play today, we have a lot of great games to follow!

Man am I going to miss this when the season ends. Not the stress part, just the caring part!

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Each team losing would be big for different reasons.

A Ray's loss really stacks the deck against them passing us. At the minimum they would have to pick up a game on the O's this weekend and then sweep in Tampa to even force a tie. If the Angels win today, they don't need to play great (4 or 5 wins) and we don't need to play absolutely terrible (2 or 3 wins) in order for them to catch us. A loss today would give a little breathing room there. If the O's and A's are tied after today, the ball is in the A's court for the top wild card spot since they get it if we end up in a tie with them. If the Yankees win today, it becomes a real long shot of winning the division having to make up 2 games with 6 left to play.

I guess I'd say I'd take an Angels, A's, Rays, and Yankee loss in that order but the way all of those teams have been playing, I'll be very happy with any two losses from that group.

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My order: Angels, Rays, As, Yankees.

Currently, the Angels and Rays pose the biggest threat to our goal of being in the postseason. The Yankees are not preventing us from being in, nor are the As.

The Angels are closer than the Rays, but the series in the Trop looms larger than anything and at least the Angels close with 6 on the road.

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Let me just add that in some ways we need Oakland to make up some ground on Texas or be within a few games at last series. If Texas is resting starters during that last series, but Tampa somehow is still within striking distance of the O's it could be an interesting ride. Then again if Texas takes care of business vs. LA and we take care of business against Boston, it could be all wrapped up.

I'll be watching all these games closely tonight, but the bottom line is that we need to win our games, and if we do, we've got nothing to worry about.

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