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Scoreboard watching thread 9/27

Pedro Cerrano

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Feel bad for the team. Their organization is garbage - have you read that thing about the military training in the minor leagues? So stupid, I hope the owner guts the entire front office.

lol, had to look it up but that is so stupid. Out of my two best friends, one is a die hard O's fan like me and the other is a die hard Pirates fan so obviously we all were loving life when the Pirates and O's got off to great starts this season. Feel bad for my one friend, thought his Pirates were gonna at least be .500 this year. Meanwhile me and the other friend already have 3 different playoff game tickets!

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Ha ha ha. Bunting for a sacrifice with Prince Fielder on second base. An easy force-out at 3rd base. If they were going to do that, they at least should have taken Fielder out for a pinch-runner.

If they didn't want to risk pinch-running for Fielder because they wanted to keep his bat in the game in case it goes 11 or 12 innings, then they shouldn't have tried the bunt.

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    • It’s a fun draft.  You have the upside of Honeycutt and the 4 HS players.   Nate George and DJ Layton, in particular, should be fun to follow.   If they had just taken Brody Brecht when he was still there at #32 I think it would have been a real fan pleaser.    I think Honeycutt at #22 and Brecht at #32 would have gotten rave reviews from everyone.   Now Griff O’Ferrall can prove they made the right decision, hopefully.
    • Mariners are first to announce their 1st round signing of Jurrangelo Cijante. 
    • Live reaction everyone was upset by the lack of pitchers. My quick synopsis. Elias stuck to his guns by drafting all shortstop, catcher or center fielders as position players. I’m excited to see how they are able to do in terms of signing the high school kids. I think the draft will be defined by the success of Honeycutt and any of the high school position players. If I ranked the players I’m excited for it would be Honeycutt, George, Layton, O’Farral, Tess, Anderson, Overn. Looks like speed and defense were highly emphasized. Wonder if that has to do with the pitch timer rules.
    • I'd rather hold on to everybody and go with what we have. World Series be damned. Say goodbye to Santander, Urias and Mateo in the offseason, sign FA pitchers
    • https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/free-agents/_/year/2025/position/sp/sort/contract_value Here's how future free-agent classes look Here's how future free-agent classes look  
    • Who are the FA pitchers available in the offseason? (other than Burnes)
    • Nothing can guarantee anything. But adding that kind of SP would give us the best chance possible (barring injury) this season and for the next few. Trading 2 of Holliday, Mayo, Basallo is not even on the table or a part of any realistic discussion/scenario. That kind of haul has not been landed for a pitcher and certainly not in this current era of MLB where prospects/cheap young players are more valuable than ever. Maybe Paul Skenes (currently) could land that kind of haul? Otherwise, the value proposition is not there to be considered. Skubal hasn’t even amassed a 10.0 career WAR and before this year didn’t even have a 5.0 WAR season. He simply not worth anything close to that, no matter what irrational fear or fandom suggests. 
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