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Look's like the O's will get No help from the Redsox tonight.


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In years past, I would always get annoyed when O's managers insisted on playing their old veterans against contending teams instead of giving a look to young September callups. They would say they were trying to "show respect for the game" by putting their veteran lineup on the field against contenders. I always thought that was dumb, and that the only team the Orioles should be looking out for was the Orioles.

Well, now that we're on the other side of the coin, I completely understand their sentiment. It's frustrating that as the O's are trying to scrape and claw their way to the division crown, their competitor gets to face an AAA lineup. If you're a team like the Red Sox that has only 2 good hitters, you can't bench them both on the same night. It sounds like Pedroia is injured, but Ellsbury needs to be in the lineup, even if his numbers aren't great against Sabathia. Give your team a chance, Valentine. Better yet-- give OUR team a chance!

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That lineup that Valentine put on the field last night was an absolute JOKE! Had we not played Boston 6 times in the past week, I wouldn't have even known these guys names, and I consider myself a pretty huge baseball fan (not just an Orioles fan). Valentine obviously has no integrity, and could care less about the integrity of the game and trying to win.

By contrast, the Rays, by way of the Oakland win, were eliminated last night. Anyone wanna bet what kind of lineup Maddon throws out there tonight? I guaran-damn-tee it won't look much different than last nights, aside from righty/lefty matchup changes!

Bobby V is a disgrace, and after Wednesday, he won't manage again in the Majors! I hope he goes back to ESPN, as they all deserve each other! :angryfire:

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Give your team a chance, Valentine. Better yet-- give OUR team a chance!

Really? Why in the world would Valentine and/or the Red Sox want to give the Orioles (or any team for that matter) a chance?

Let's go back to September 28th, 2011. Final score Baltimore 4 - Red Sox 3. Maybe the Red Sox remember this little postgame quip: "End of season like this, to make Boston go home sad, crying, I'll take it all day," said Robert Andino.

Therein lies the answer.

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They're just trying to get a better draft pick. How many times did we hear the argument that the only difference between 80-82 and 55-107 is Steven Strasburg and Bryce Harper and Mark Teixeira? Not that I actually believe that... I'm still fine with the O's sweeping away the Yanks that final series, even if it meant not drafting the Don Mattingly jersey-wearing traitor.

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