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Congrats to Jim Riggleman


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Winner of the Darwin Award, Baseball subdivision. A mediocre manager with a team that appeared to be turning the corner, and 2 potential players for the ages (admittedly one was recovering from TJ surgery at the time and the other was blowing kisses to opposing pitchers at Hagerstown) in the wings, decides to get chesty when his team starts playing a bit of decent baseball, demands a new contract and with all the leverage a .445 winning percentage gave him, walks away when he doesn't get one. Riggleman's hard-ball stance forces Mike Rizzo to make the gut-wrenching decision to replace him with a potential HOF manager. I'd imagine it took Rizzo about 2 seconds to make that call to Davey, who, one year later has taken that team to the best record in baseball (tied) and just won the NL East. Well done, Riggleman, well done.

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