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Teddy wins!

The Wedge

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I thought this was a pretty funny description:

Wearing a red headband and bright gold shoes modeled after those made famous by world’s fastest man Usain Bolt, Teddy got off to a slow start, trailing Abe, then Jefferson, then Washington.

But a green blob intended to resemble the Phillie Phanatic felled the three leaders in the right field corner, and Roosevelt strolled home by himself as the crowd roared and began chanting his name (really).

He then ripped off his usual jersey, revealing a red “Natitude” t-shirt, and soaked in the cheers.


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Wow. That was even lamer than I had expected!

Watch the Nats get swept out of the playoffs now. (only half kidding)

This is the team that brought us "Natitude". Anyhow, I always thought it was a silly gag considering of those four presidents, Roosevelt was the most athletic. I know, I'm being a history nerd but that was my major and I am a stickler.

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