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Do you believe Brian's explanation?


Do you beleive that Brian Roberts used steroids only once?  

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  1. 1. Do you beleive that Brian Roberts used steroids only once?

    • Yes - he seems to have come clean and I belive him
    • No - he lied in the first place, and now I can't believe him

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Although I want to believe Brian Roberts is telling the truth, there's no reason to believe he is.

That said, I don't hold it against him. Steroids isn't Brian Roberts problem in my view. It's the culture of baseball. MLB and the Player's Union willingly turned a blind eye to the steroids epidemic and now we are seeing part of the truth behind the scandal.

Roberts probably stopped using judging from what I read in the Mitchell report, but it's a bit hard to believe he did it just one time.

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I believe Brian. It seems like a lot of players who are coming forward have a similar story. Everyone saw what happened with Raffy, so it's better to admit something. Let me reiterate that I believe Brian, but I think it is going to be the popular thing to come out and say "Yeah, I did it once". I'm sure plenty of players tried it and said "it's not for me", but I think others will use this response untruthfully.

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I commend Roberts. He has nothing to prove to you or I. He did this for himself and his faith.

I find him more respectful after his confession. From a PR pespective it was a bad move because of the lack of evidence. That did not stop him for speaking the truth.

For someone like Roberts to have a moment of weakness shows the prevalence of steroids in baseball. Hopefully others can follow Roberts example. They will all be better for it.

I did steroids as a college fresman football player in 1987. They were everywhere. Many times they were used as way to overcome weightlifting max plateaus.

The opinion articles of Roberts in the Sun are way off base IMO. But go ahead and pile on. Castigate Roberts and go on and allow your own mistakes and miscalculations simmer in your soul.

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The jury is still out, but I think they're leaning more towards 'no'. I like Brian Roberts a lot, but I also liked Palmeiro a lot. Tough situation.

Yeah, I keep thinking back to Palmeiro. I liked him a lot, thought he seemed like a pretty decent guy. I like Roberts a lot, too. But I don't believe a word any of these guys say anymore.

For those of you saying he didn't have to say anything at all because the allegations were flimsy, so he must be telling the truth, ever heard the phrase "hide the truth in plain sight"? Say you didn't do anything and people will keep digging for dirt. Tell them you did something wrong, but only once, and you might get out of it. I'm not saying that's what Roberts is doing. Don't misunderstand me. But I keep my cynic hat on my head securely at all times.

In any event, I'm not on the steroid witchhunt bandwagon, so it doesn't matter who I believe anyway. My opinion is baseball should get over all of these past transgressions and worry about the future. Put the proper testing and penalties in place and go from there. I really wish the Mitchell report had just said, there are 83 players we have evidence used PEDs, and we believe there were more; it's a big problem, here's what we need to do. Worrying about which specific 30% or 50% or 70% of players did it is not as important as just knowing that 30/50/70% did it.

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