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Favorite memories from this season

Moose Milligan

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Chris Davis taking the hill, schooling Adrian Gonzalez

Waking up at like 2:30 AM after falling asleep during the Mariners game. Thinking that MASN was showing the replay and then realizing it was the 18th inning.

Jones and his extra inning heroics.

9/6/12. Ripken Day. Stomping the Yankees, seeing them fight back and then just going off.


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That play probably sums up the whole season. Young, upstart, faking out everyone around and making one hell of a play, one you've never seen before and one you'll probably never see again.

Heh, you know what's funny about it? Some other team did it like a week later. It wasn't quite as blatantly awesome, but it was the same basic construct. Third comes in, runner rounds, SS covers third, deke to first, throw back to third, out. Saw it on The Rundown and was like "how does that happen to two different teams that close together?"

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