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Derek Jeter has a fractured ankle and is done


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I broke my foot in 5th grade, and then my other foot in 6th grade....

So what you're saying is, somebody administered me high doses of steroids from ages 0-10... Thank you for clarifying that for me.

Exact same thing happened to me in 5th and 6th grade. Damned Flintstones Vitamins.

Pardon the pun, but it is a tough break for Jeter. Playing through his original foot and leg injuries calls for at least of measure of respect. However, I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for him or his team. Fortune has smiled on them plenty already. The good news for their fans is that they now have a go to excuse should the Tigers get by them. I thought they would anyway, and their path probably just got a lot easier.

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He's been hobbled for a few days now....might have thought about giving that ankle a rest, but without Capt. Yankee, the Yanks might have lost to the O's, IMHO; however, even with him, I think Detroit wins this series. Wish I could say I feel bad for them, but I don't... Go Tigers!

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Yeah, see what happens when a player is a "gamer" and ignores the body? All of that hard running and planting after he fouled that ball off his ankle, way too much stress. I mean, part of me respects the guy for pushing through like that, but at some point you gotta let yourself heal. If he was ignoring (or masking, as hard as he was running against us) the pain, I lose that respect and any sympathy because you just ignored your body screaming at you.

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I don't know how they're going to get by. First Mariano-now Jeter. Now they only have what like $168 million ish worth of players eligible?

Is ESPN flying the flags at half mast today?

Pretty much. The opening splash on ESPN.com is a shot of Jeter in pain on the ground and "Down and Out in New York." The headline should focus on the winning team, or at least mention them. MLB's splash is a great example, make a collage of everything with the Final Score at the top. That's some good thinking in a game full of stories.

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More ridiculous posts. Wedge, you lost respect and sympathy for Jeter for playing through the pain and not listnening to his body? Oh brother! This has something to do with Jeter not moving to SS when Arod was acuired years ago? LOL

Jeters's been a great player and a class guy every step of the way. He fractured his ankel. He's out for the rest of the postseason. Eduardo Nunez for Derek Jeter is going to hurt the Yanks a lot, from the lost offense to shaky defense (on routine plays). Suzuki just moves to leadoff and he's been hitting well but the lineup is weakend overall. The Yanks take a double hit. The lose a game that would have been a devastating loss for Detroit and now lose Jeter. If the Tigers can win game 2, with Verlander ready to go for game 3, it would put the Yanks in a very tough spot.

Ridiculous because I actually respect Jeter enough to think his impact on the team can't be measured and that he shouldn't have possibly ignored obvious warning signs all post season to eventually end it all? Why of all the posts in this thread did you call ME about by name about it? At least I didn't revel in his pain. Jeez.

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    • The Oriole braintrust and coaches have done such a wonderful job, I hope they have some secret to keeping the team ready for the postseason battles despite the bye week off. Dodgers and Braves must have also figured out a plan.
    • If any combination of Irvin, Flaherty, Fuji, Baumann with the locks of Gibson, Webb, Wells, Hall, Coulombe, Cano, Perez are all in the bullpen im not sure we need 13 pitchers.    Is 3 long men really needed(Gibson/Irvin/Flaherty) with days off? Hall/Wells can go more than 1. No doubt Kremer would be the one who could turn it up out of the BP opposed to Gibson BUT if Kremer can give you a start of 5 good innings as a 4th starter thats hard to pass on. -- Hyde wants to play matchups like crazy of late so i do think they'll take 13. O's love close games, old extra inning rules could be a factor in need for more length. 
    • Mullins too.  Seems like only Adley has been fairly hot lately.  Hopefully Mountcastle's double tonight will get things going for everyone else.  Fingers crossed the several days off they'll get next week will help reenergize things.
    • I got through the gate at 5, was in line 4:45ish? And got a hoodie. It was pretty packed. Think some people just went for the hoodie though and then left early.    it was a different vibe at the ballpark, totally full, but people were just chilling and having fun, not really paying attention to the game, since the game itself didn’t mean much 
    • Happy that the Mariners are done. 
    • Bradish game 1 starter, Rodrigues game 2, Gibson game 3, Means game 4, all on short leashes with Kremer, Wells, Baumann, Webb, Hall, Coulombe, Cano and Perez in the pen....Henderson, Rutschman, Santander, Mountcastle, O'Hearn, Hays, Mullins, Westburg, Urias, Frazier, Hicks, McKenna, Mateo, McCann
    • I can see why people would say a WS win would solidify him as an elite GM but as pointed out the playoffs are a crap shoot. Elias isn’t at fault if the pitching craps the bed or if the bats go cold.    He already is elite. He’s stocked this franchise with more good young talent than we could have hoped. As long as the Orioles keep making the playoffs and as long as he keeps good talent coming through the system that’s what he’ll be judged on. In addition to being at the vanguard of how to pick up guys like O’Hearn, etc., that’s important too. 
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