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Would the Yankees have been better off losing in the ALDS?


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I think advancing is doing them more harm then good.

Getting to and losing the ALCS is to the fanbase no better then losing in the ALDS round.

The lack of attendance in game five vs Baltimore could be blamed on the early start time, the games against Detroit can't, showing the fanbase to be disinterested.

Jeter is going to have a 4-5 month recovery time for his ankle, which should seriously impact his ability to prepare for next season.

The Yankees' offense struggles could be much more easily shrugged off if it was only five games, now Girardi is forced to bench underperforming star after underperforming star.

Flirt-gate would not have occurred.

Of course maybe all of this goes out the window if the Yankees manage to win four straight and everyone starts hitting.

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If they had lost to us, I think it would have been worse. The ALCS exposed a few additional issues, but at least Detroit was a team that is "worthy" of beating the Yankees, particularly with their pitchers on a roll. Yankee fans, media and ownership would have completely freaked out had the "lowly"/"lucky"/"just happy to be here" Orioles beaten them. It would have been mayhem.

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